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Natasha rajeshwar web series list - Newtechnicalbabu

 Natasha rajeshwar web series list - Newtechnicalbabu

Natasha Rajeshwari Popularly known as Ridhima Tiwari. She is best known for works with the Ullu Video On Demand platform. She has led so many Ullu web series Madhosh Diary Good Life, Jalebi and Walkman. Apart from Ullu web series she has also led the other OTT platforms short films and web series like Sundra Bhabhi Return, Rangeela Bhabhi, School Girl, Shaurya, and many others.

 Natasha(Ridhima Tiwari) hails from West Bengal and she is still unmarried.  She has a massive fan following on social media and she loves to share her beautiful picture, reels and  her  projects trailer. 

Natasha Rajeshwari(Ridhima Tiwari) web series

Natasha Rajeshwari(Ridhima Tiwari) online videos

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