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Watch Online Titliyaan Part 1 Web Series On Ullu App


Watch Online Titliyaan Part 1 Web Series On Ullu App

Watch Online Titliyaan Part 1 Web Series On Ullu App

Titliyaan Part 1 web series is a newly released Hindi language web series by the Ullu App on their OTT platform. This web series focuses on Romance, Drama, and erotic. Titliyaan web series release date is 22 July 2022. The web series cast features Taniya Chatterjee, Vaanya Singh Rajput and other cast details are available below. This web series is directed by S. Kumar.

Watch online Titliyaan Part 1 web series all episodes on Ullu App. This web series has a total of three episodes and the total duration of the web series is around 64 minutes. Part 2 of the Titliyaan web series will be released next week. Titliyaan web series is only suitable for audiences above 18 years of age. Some of the previously released web series of Ullu app are Charmsukh Tauba Tauba, Sursuri-li, Choodiwala, Jaal, and many more.

Titliyaan Part 1 Web Series Story

A fairytale comes crashing down into reality. Tanya is troubled by the oppression of her heartless husband Prateek and Sophia is also broken by her boyfriend Jimmy’s betrayal. All hell breaks loose when Tanya and Sofia find solace with each other in a society where their relationship will never be accepted.

Titliyaan Part 1 Web Series Watch Online

Titliyaan Part 1 web series starts with Tanya being handcuffed and Prateek is getting intimate with her which she doesn’t like. Then the next scene shows Sophia and Jimmy romancing. Tanya is the wife of Prateek who is the principal of a college. There is nothing normal between Tanya and Prateek. Sophia introduced Prateek his college professor & Tanya to her boyfriend. Jimmy got attracted to the beauty of Sophia when he saw her.

The next episode shows the exam hall in which the exam is started and the invigilator caught Shruti cheating and take her to the principal. Prateek blackmails Shruti by telling her what the students will think. Sophia informs Tanya about this incident and Tanya rushes to Prateek’s cabin. Prateek gets forcefully intimate with her. Suddenly Tanya came there and everything stops. Sophia advised Tanya to fight and take divorce from his husband but she refuses. Prateek has married Tany for her money she is afraid of him because he could harm her.

Sophia tells an incident to Tanya about her hostel days and her lesbian romance. On that night Sophia calls Jimmy. He was with another girl and cheating on Sophia. On the next day, Shruti’s parents find that she was badly hurt and takes her to the doctor. Shruti’s father calls the Principal to inform them that she will not come to college today for the examination. The principal remembers what he has done with Shruti. To know the full story of the Titliyaan web series watch online all episodes on Ullu App from today.

Titliyan Part 1 Web Series

In this web series, Taniya Chatterjee and Vaanya Singh Rajput’s bold scene are in the first episode. While Suhana Singh bold scene in the second episode. The web series shows lesbian romance and drama. This web series is directed by S. Kumar. Ullu App’s Titliyaan Part 1 web series all episodes are streaming now online.

Titliyaan Web Series Cast

Titliyaan Part 1 Web Series Details

Title – Titliyaan Part 1
Cast – Taniya Chatterjee, Vaanya Singh Rajput, Suhana Khan
Genre – Romance, Erotic, Drama
Type – Web Series
Total Episodes – 3
Total Duration – 64 minutes
Director – S. Kumar
Release Date – 22 July 2022
OTT Platform – Ullu App
Language – Hindi
Country – India


Q. Titliyaan Web Series Cast & Actress?

Ans. Taniya Chatterjee, Vaanya Singh Rajput, Suhana Khan

Q. How to Watch Online Titliyaan Part 1 Web Series on Ullu App?

Ans. Download Ullu App from Playstore and take a subscription to enjoy Titliyaan Part 1 Web Series.

Q. Titliyaan Part 1 Web Series Release Date?

Ans. 22nd July 2022

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