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Ankita Dave Web Series List Watch Online 2022


Ankita Dave Web Series List Watch Online 2022

Ankita Dave Web Series List Watch Online 2022

Ankita Dave Web Series List Watch Online 2022 | Ankita Dave All Web Series & Movies List :- Ankita Dave belongs to a Hindu family from Mumbai, India. Ankita Dave was also known as Ankita Dave Sherni. She is popularly known for her bold dressing styles. Ankita Dave is an Indian social media influencer, actress, and model. She was born on 15 September 1997 (age 24 years as of 2021) at Rajkot, Gujarat. People like her because of her bold personality. She is a famous model and has worked mostly in Gujarati and Haryanvi families. She is especially known for her amazing acting in the Hindi Web Series “ZID (2020)“. She is an actress as well as a model. Ankita was born in Rajkot, Gujarat but currently, she is living in Mumbai. She reached 2.2 million+ followers on Instagram.

1. Gaachi – Ullu Web Series


This is the story of a small village where women are harassed a lot. The men of this village do not spend the night with their wives, instead, they spend their nights at the kotha. Molestation happens in this village with many women. Will these women be able to answer this thing, to know, watch Gaachi ullu web series only on ullu app.

2. Teri Khata

Teri Khata

Teri Khata is probably one of the most underrated works of Ankita Dave. One possibility is the timing of the release of the web series which is why it went unnoticed. We recommend you take a look at the Teri Khata web series.

3. Zid – Hotshots Originals


Zid Web Series Story (Hotshots) The plot revolves around the life of two women. A rich woman is in search of true love after becoming a widow. Her beautician is dreaming of a luxurious life in future. They take a drastic step which changes the whole life forever.

4. Singardaan – Ullu Web Series


The story of Singardaan revolves around Gupta Ji, who falls in love with Shabnam, a streetwalker. Shabnam has a makeup box, but after she dies, Guptaji takes the box to his home. The box turns his wife and daughter into a streetwalker. Now Gupta Ji heads on a mysterious journey to save his wife and daughter.

5. Mere Angane Main – Kooku App

Mere Angane Main

There was a time when Kooku App has consistently created content that was loved by millions. Mere Angane Main is one such content that must have increased the Kooku apps subscription.

6. Siddhu – Jollu Originals


Siddhu is village guy and he is in-charge of a resort in ECR-Chennai. He always takes good care and keeps his customers happy at lowest price. Two couples(Mervin-Ankita, Dhara-Aadhi) started their weekend fun trip to ECR but got stuck in road as they couldn’t reach the booked resort in-charge on phone.

They came to siddhu’s resort for stay. they had fun, enjoyed, romance. They started teasing siddhu by his appearance and body language, which made siddhu feel sad and angry. Siddhu wants to show them-what he is? who he is?

The rest of the story is about the transformation to siddhu to “SIDDHARTH”-   Psycho thriller

7. Nagar Vadhu – HotHit Originals

Nagar Vadhu

As the name suggests, the series is set in the village where Ankita Dave got the chance to play the ideal Bhabhi for the first time. She stole the show with her looks and curvy physique.

8. Chicken Curry – Kooku App

Chicken Curry

The story of the series revolves around a married couple in which the wife is blind and due to her disability his husband always disrespects her and treated badly her. She is trying hard to get the attention and love of her husband but his husband starts an extramarital affair in his office.

One day he introduces the girl to his wife and says meet her and she will come here to meet you as you get bore alone at home. Then he regularly cheats on her wife and takes the woman to her home regularly but the wife feels the presence of another person at her home and somewhere she knows that her husband is cheating on her. How her wife will tackle this situation and what is her next step to take revenge on him for this betrayal.

9. Matakni Ke Matke – Rabbit Web Series

Matakni Ke Matke

The story of this web series revolves around a girl, this girl’s name is Matkani and she is 20 years old, in this, Matkani, who is in the main character, says that someone likes to roam and someone likes to get married. So someone else likes to have boyfriends but this girl is far from them all, this girl is a girl, she enjoys having a relationship with others, in fact the story is going to be like this, this girl makes a relationship with new boys And if you enjoy them, then the story is going to be seen in the same way, the rest of the story will be known to you through this website and application, if you want to watch this web series, then you can use Rabbit Movies application in your phone. You can easily watch Matakni Ke Matke web series by downloading and taking its membership.

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