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Khunnas Part 2 Web Series Cast, Release Date, Story & Watch Online

Khunnas Part 2 Web Series Cast, Release Date, Story & Watch Online

Khunnas Part 2 Web Series Cast, Release Date, Story & Watch Online
Khunnas Part 2 Web Series Cast, Release Date, Story & Watch Online
Khunnas Part 2 Web Series Cast, Release Date, Story & Watch Online

Khunnas Part 2 Web Series: In the second installment of the Khunnas Part 1 web series, we examine the relationship between two unlikely allies, General Templeton and his top advisor, Dr. Alan Ryker. With the war on terror raging, there are few people who can be trusted. Yet, in the case of Templeton, there is no question that he has faith in his military advisor, insisting that nothing is going to happen. When it appears that Templeton may be convinced of this himself, it becomes clear that there may be more to this than meets the eye.

One of the interesting things about Khunnas Part 1 was how open it was regarding religion and race relations in Vietnam. This was refreshing for a show that was so politically focused upon America’s failures in the Vietnam War. The Khunnas show did not shy away from displaying the tensions that exist between anti-war protesters and those who support the war effort. That makes this second season all the more interesting to watch.

Khunnas Part 2 Web Series Story

The relationship between Templeton and Ryker is a bit complex. At first glance, the two seem to be good friends. However, they both have ulterior motives. For example, Templeton is determined to get the blame for the death of Beachamid, yet he and Ryker know that there were numerous shooters involved. Their alliance also includes keeping Beachamid out of the media, which is interesting because of how the media often attempts to blacken the reputation of war heroes.

The story is divided into three parts. The first shows Templeton making some major decisions. Part two revolves around interviewing several controversial figures that become key players in the conflict. The final part reveals what really happened in the aftermath of the attack.

I enjoyed the writing and directing of Khunnas Part 2. The show is well paced with consistent pacing. The music and sound effects were well done. There were several memorable scenes that added a sense of reality to the show. The acting was good. There were only a few moments where the characters were predictable, but these were few and far between.

The story is part visual and part narrative. This web series is similar to many others that explore a new character and place in the world. The new cast of characters is great as well. Unfortunately, the show does not live up to expectations. It is not a show you would recommend to people looking for a gritty war action series.

Khunnas Part 2 Web Series Details

If you are a fan of television that features an army, a secret, and a mission, Khunnas Part 2 is worth checking out. The show does have some solid writing and direction. The production values for this web series are decent and it looks like the show has potential.

Khunnas Part 2 is available on the SyFy network. It can be viewed anywhere in the world. It was created by Greg Garcia, who is best known for his work on the hit web series, Talking Dead. The series is also executive produced by Darcy Youngerman, with Eric Kripke serving as the director. The TV show will air on Tuesday nights at 9pm Eastern.

As with any other SyFy series, you can expect to find a large cast of characters. The most notable of these is Jason Ritter as Lee, a war photographer. He plays the role well, bringing a bit of reality and humor to the role. His co-stars are Emilia Clarke (Romanka), Dan Butler (DP) and Edward Herrmann (OD). These actors do a great job playing the part.

The story for the Khunnas Part 2 revolves around a new member of the team, a woman named Noelle. The team finds themselves in a situation where they must work together to take down a group of terrorists. The terrorist plot is linked to a number of missing college students. Noelle is seen as the prime suspect, though her father strongly believes she is innocent. The team must work together in order to clear their names and prevent a terrorist attack in the future.

This is an interesting new spin on an already popular show. This one does a nice job of mixing comedy with romance while still maintaining a strong action and drama theme. It’s easy to follow the storyline and all the main characters seem to be in place. The music and sound effects fit well with the show. It’s clear that the writers took a lot of care in creating the show and it will keep people tuning into the series to see what happens next.

I enjoyed this new Khunnas web series. I’m glad that the show is renewed for a second season. I can’t wait to see what takes place in the final episodes. I don’t think it will be like the first few episodes, which had me worried. I think the writers will do a good job of making this show a hit.

Khunnas Part 2 Web Series Trailer

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